Furtado Construccion is based in the Costa Tropical region of the province of Granada, Anadalusia. The Costa Tropical a truly unique area, boasting stunning scenery and an average of 320 days a year of sunshine.


With it’s extensive beaches and clear blue waters, the Costa Tropical marries perfectly with the Sierra Nevada mountains to create a stunning shoreline. These mountain ranges provide a perfect environment allowing fertile and lush valleys to thrive – the Costa Tropical is europe’s only true micro-climate and the only place in europe where sugar cane can still be naturally grown. The winter months are frequently 10c milder than in the neighbouring Costa Del Sol.

Costa Tropical Environment

Costa Tropical Almunecar

Towns & Cities:

The prinicpal town of the Costa Tropical, Almunecar, boasts roman-esque aqueducts and magnificent buildings overlooking a series of beaches populated with picturesque bars and restaurants. Almunecar is sandwiched between the larger seaport of Motril, and the stunning resorts of La Herradura and Nerja. Further inland the white-washed, moorish villages of Jete, Otivar, and Lentegi are surrounded by fertile valleys where fruit farming provides a long established means of living for local families. Within an hours drive of Almunecar are the renowned, cosmopolitan cities of Malaga and Granada, providing easy airport access whenever required.


The unique environment created by the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains and miles of unspoilt shoreline, allow for a vast range of outdoor activities to cater for even the most adventurous of thrill seekers. Diving, Skiing, Windsurfing, and Paragliding activities can all be found here, along with a range of outdoor watersports and more sedate past-times if your goal is to relax.

Costa Tropical Activities

The Costa Tropical lives up to it’s name as a peaceful paradise in Europe, and remains relatively unaffected by the tourist boom which has afflicted many other areas of Spain in recent years.



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